A snapshot of global Photovoltaics – Ein neuer Bericht von IEA PVPS

IEA-PVPS has distinguished itself throughout the years by producing unbiased reports on the
development of PV all over the world. In addition to its trusted yearly publication “Trends in
PV Applications,” which has already been published 18 times, this second edition of the
“Snapshot of Global PV” aims at providing preliminary information about how the PV market
developed in the last year.

IEA-PVPS collects information from official governmental bodies and reliable industry sources.
Information about countries outside the IEA-PVPS network is collected through the industry
network and industrial associations.

The 19th edition of the PVPS “Trends in Photovoltaic Applications” report will be published in
Q3 2014. It will once again deliver accurate information about the evolution of support policies
for PV in the major markets, together with a clear analysis of best practices and updated
numbers on market development.


PVPS report – A Snapshot of Global PV – 1992-2013