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FEEI – Association of the Austrian Electrical and Electronics Industries

The Association of the Austrian Electrical and Electronics Industries represents the interests of around 300 businesses employing an approximate total of 59,000 employees responsible for €12.73 billion (result: 2012) of goods produced. Hence, it is the official representative

body for the second-largest industrial sector in Austria. The most important objective of the FEEI is to strengthen the position of the Austrian electrics and electronics industries in a globally competitive context in cooperation with its membership. Notable members include the Photovoltaics Technology Platform, the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, the Forum for Mobile Communication (FMK), the Technology Platform Smart Grids Austria, the UFH, the Association of Alternative Telecom Network Operators (VAT) and the Railway

Industry Association ( The issues of energy and energy efficiency have been top priorities for the FEEI for several years and are relevant to numerous sectors and core themes. The FEEI is also involved with employer policy, economic policy, infrastructural

policy, research and development, techniques and technology, environmental policy,  education and further training.


DI Dr. Klaus Bernhardt