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(Deutsch) LEVION Technologies GmbH

We simplify technology for you: LEVION Technologies offers complete software and hardware solutions as well as consulting in projects. The foremost goal of this innovative company located in Styria, Austria, is to provide cutting-edge technology in a simple and meaningful way, always adopting the users’ point of view and the benefits of the product itself.

The protection of the environment and the appreciation of each other is also a central concern for the young and dynamic team of LEVION Technologies in the sense of sustainability.


Fig.: Smart Energy Manager (SEM) – heart of SEMS

SEMS – The Smart Energy Management System.

The main focus of the company is currently on the development of the Smart Energy Management System (SEMS). The easy-to-expand and simple-to-operate system connects a wide range of household appliances wirelessly and intelligently distributes available energy. No matter whether it is a favorable electricity from the grid or self-produced photovoltaic energy.

This means that it is not only possible to optimize the own energy consumption or to process hot water smartly. It is also possible to heat, ventilate and cool intelligently and to integrate and combine other fields of application such as e-mobility or battery storage. This can also be used to react flexibly to future developments, such as dynamic electricity and network tariffs and smart meters, thereby promoting the comprehensive use of photovoltaic energy.

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