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Lisec Holding

LISEC Austria GmbH

The LiSEC Group is active on a global scale and has been providing innovative solutions for individual tasks through to complete systems for over 50 years in the field of sheet glass processing and finishing. Their portfolio encompasses machinery, automation and service

provision. LiSEC develops and produces glass cutting and sorting systems, individual components and full production lines for the manufacturing of insulated and laminated

glass, as well as glass edge processing machines and pretensioning systems.

LiSEC sets standards in quality and technology with reliable and intelligent automation solutions, thus contributing significantly to the success enjoyed by their customers. As the market leader in sheet glass processing LiSEC has immense expertise in the development of high performance concepts for the production of solar glass. LiSEC is the only company in the world developing the revolutionary ‘flatbed’ glass pretensioning systems, suited to thermic treatment of thin glass, providing plane quality and avoiding optical distortion.


At a glance

  • Employees:  1600 employees (20 subsidiaries)
  • Export share: ≥90 %
  • Awards & prizes: Austrian National Prize in 2007; National Prize for ‘Innovation in Pretensioning Technology’ 2012; category for ‘Research & Innovation’; Title: ‘Weight and Energy Efficiency Optimisation in Sheet Glass Systems.’
  • Patents: over 400


Markus Jandl


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