About us

The Austrian Photovoltaics Technology Platform (TPPV) was founded 2008 as a joint initiative for Austrian manufacturers in the photovoltaics sector and all the relevant Austrian research institutes. The aim is to optimise innovation and research activities to benefit the domestic photovoltaics sector and to help increase the share of the market held by Austrian PV-related technology and service providers.


The Austrian Photovoltaics Technology Platform is the representative body serving Austrian research into photovoltaics and supports innovative manufacturers in the photovoltaics industry.


  • Clearly identify and plausibly outline the potential for the improved market positioning of Austria’s photovoltaics businesses by way of thorough research and analysis. All key decision makers for this sector need to be made aware of this potential.
  • Serve the need to establish a firm basis for joint research activities involving research institutes and the business sector. Joint development of research ideas will help to systematise and intensify this kind of cooperation. As well as such bilateral forms of cooperation, channels of implementation should also involve taking advantage of national and European research programmes – as with the FFG and BMVIT programme tender calls, EU subsidy programmes, PV-ERA NET, IEA PVPS etc.
  • Define optimal conditions for innovation and research for the domestic PV sector. These conditions are influenced by a wide range of factors, such as the qualifications of potential employees and the associated need for relevant courses and certification in Austria; opportunities for cooperation with university and non-university research facilities, access to subsidisation, the stability of domestic markets – and numerous other factors.

Board of Directors

Fechner Hubert_2015_klein Winkelmayer_klein_freig gabriele eder_2012b_klein_freig


Dipl. Ing. Hubert Fechner, MSc., MAS
Vice Chair of IEA Photovoltaic power Systems Programme



Dr. Peter Winkelmayer
Association of the Austrian Electrical and Electronics Industries



Dr. Gabriele Eder
OFI – Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology