TPPV - Research and innovation for the Austrian photovoltaic industry


The Austrian Photovoltaics Technology Platform (TPPV) was founded in May 2008 as a joint initiative for Austrian manufacturing operations in the photovoltaics sector and all the relevant Austrian research institutes.

Innovation and Research The aim is to optimise innovation and research activities to benefit the domestic photovoltaics sector and to help increase the share of the market held by Austrian PV-related technology and service providers.

Our goals

  • Increasing photovoltaic innovations, increasing the marketability of new, innovative technologies and the competitiveness of domestic companies by raising the subsidy quotas for photovoltaics.


  • System solutions connected to consumers, or energy system solutions and development of relevant business models to increase the added value from photovoltaic.

Save the Date!

Fachtagung 2023


Haben Sie alte PV-Module & wollen ein Forschungsprojekt unterstützen?

Für das österreichischen Forschungsprojektes PV ReValue werden alte PV-Module benötigt! Das Hauptziel des Österreichischen Forschungsprojektes PV ReValue, (gestartet im Jänner 2023,gefördert durch die FFG im Rahmen der 2. Ausschreibung FTI Kreislaufwirtschaft) ist diewissenschaftlichen und technischen Grundlagen für [..]

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