Ansprechpartner: Frau Gabriele Eder
Phone number: +43 1 798 16 01-250
Address: Franz Grill Straße 5, Arsenal Objekt 213
1030 Wien


OFI – Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology

The core expertise offered by the OFI is in material applications and the renovation of buildings. The OFI tests and verifies the reliability of materials and develops them into marketable products. It is responsible for the inspection of buildings and plans renovation projects, thus ensuring a building has a long working life. In photovoltaics, the OFI is closely involved with material and damage analysis, environmental simulation, working life estimation, impact studies, and the solving of problems posed in surface and boundary surface analysis, coating and adhesion technology.


At a Glance

  • Corporate USP in the PV segment: Application orientated RDI activities
  • Notable successes: R&D projects in building integration and long-term performance of PV technology
  • Employees: OFI total 120


Dr. Gabriele Eder